FLASH : Haiti - Legislative Elections Cancelled in Port-a-Piment

Have you heard? The legislative elections for the municipality of Port-à-Piment held Sunday, August 9, have been canceled because of the sabotage of several polling centers (bureau de vote) perpetrated by unidentified individuals during the count (depouillement)

Haiti Elections News

KREYOL : NOUVEL SHO... Haiti - Eleksyon Port-a-Piment yo ANILE... Manm KEP Jacceus Joseph di zèfèyis te rantre andedan biwo vòt yo pandan depouyman al fè dezod e yo pap kite peson pran elecitons saa daso...

CEP Member Jacceus Joseph who was present in department as an observer said:

"We in the CEP, we can not accept that a candidate be elected fraudulently, thus questioning his/her legitimacy..."

What do you think about that?

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Chadefi Jameau says...

The situation is serious with the holding of this electoral farce organized by the OPON CEP which doesnt want to assume its administrative and democratic responsibilities.

I'm from Port a Piment and I know that the irregularities were planned by certains politic sectors closed to the government in order to befuddle the most popular candidate of the zone in the person of JULNER LAINE to run for a third term. A branch of the international community is condoning of those who manipulate the elections in Haiti and it is regretttable.

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Subject: FLASH : Haiti - Legislative Elections Cancelled in Port-a-Piment edit

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