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Haiti - Senator Willot Joseph says Parliament gun fire incident was staged

Haitian senator Willot Joseph says the attack on Haiti's parliament building Monday was just a staged act and the person responsible is someone...

PHOTO: Wilson Laleau - Former Haiti Minister of Finance

Here is a photo of Wilson Laleau, former Haiti Minister of Finance under president Michel Martelly.

The 'Contrebande' problem in Plateau Central Haiti comes from Port-au-Prince, Senator Rony Celestin said

Haitian Senator Rony Celestin says the root the contraband problem at the Haiti-Dominican borders in the Centre Department of Haiti lies within the...

President Jovenel Moise tweets too much, Haitian journalist said

Speaking about President Jovenel Moise and his tweeting habits, Haitian Journalist Presimon Jean Marco of radio SCOOP FM says l'exces en tout genre...

Haiti's government and state officials are getting whooped by technology

Nowadays, Any Haitian with a cheap smartphone can post anything he wants on the internet and send Haitian government and State officials and a...

Haiti President Jovenel Moise on Twitter

Haitian president Jovenel Moise is on Twitter. @moisejovenel has close to 150 thousand followers.

SCOOP: Haiti - Artist Okyjems wants to become a Senator of the Republic?

Okyjems left Haitian Compas music to become "Frere Sevère" the christian. Now Okyjems wants a seat in Haiti's Parliament. Okyjems Sevère...

PHOTO: Clearly, a Bullet Hole at the Front Door of Haiti Parliament Building

PHOTO: Clearly, a Bullet Hole at the Front Door of Haiti Parliament Building

PHOTO: Something did explode in front of Haiti's Parliament building. What was it?

Take a look at this photo something did explode in front of the Parliament building Monday, August 20 2018, when it...