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Haiti open for business does not mean sell the constiution, the Citadelle

When Martelly said that Haiti is open for business we should have people with exceptional expertise in contracts to verify those business contracts: He just sell the constitution... more »

RE: Could Rwanda be an example for Haiti

Rwandan peacekeepers introduce Umuganda to Haiti HAITI - Besides maintenance of law and order by providing security to Haitians, Rwanda National Police peacekeepers serving under... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - 1.8 Million Gourdes to EACH Presidential Candidate by Tuesday, Elections Minister says

Haiti just needs 4 parties and 10 presidential candidates for election. Haiti just needs 4 political parties. 1. Partie Democratique Haitienne 2. Partie Agricole Haiti et Repons... more »

RE: FLASH : Haiti - Desras quitting electoral race to support Jude Celestin

Desras has made a very good decision to join Jude Celestin. Haiti has too many presidential candidates, too many political parties. Haiti just needs 4 to 6 political parties and... more »

RE: Michel Martelly Pre

Il est certain qu'on ne peut pas contester la popularite de Michel Martelly. Comme artiste tout le monde le connait. Mais, est ce que Martelly a un programme de gouvernement qui... more »

RE: Wyclef Officially Drops Out Of Haitian Presidential Race

vote charles henry backer is voting for governement system which we did not have, voting for health care, education, reconstruction, rules and regulations, jobs a new country... more »

RE: Haiti: To Eat Or NOT To Eat - Why A Tyrant Seems Like A Messiah

I have nothing against the " La Bourjoisie " but they need also to participate in the reconstruction by sharing their opinions as well like everybody it seems they are... more »

Jude Celestin Director General, National Center of equipment (CNE)

Here's cut & paste from my research so far: Jude Celestin Director General, National Center of equipment (CNE) Party "INIT" heads the government-run Centre National... more »

RE: Haiti President Martelly Hires 9 New Director-generals

The political phenomenon is back with an enlighted groove. He is now forming his new political band to play his new symphony of dreams; of mental reconstruction and of a renewed... more »

Re: Should Martelly Keep Jean-Max Bellerive As Prime Minister Of Haiti?

Wait a minute aint they related or something? I think they are cousin Im not sure I have to check my source but why not use him for now since he knows about the reconstruction... more »