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Re: President Martelly Speech About Resignation Of Prime Minister Conille

It appears the Haiti is finally on a path foward. I just hope and pray that President Martelly and the Leaders of both Houses will work together to... more »

RE: Good News, Haiti Is A Maturing Democracy - There Is A SIGN...

I agree with Sergo Jean,it is good news,not the fact they are not politically active,because they don't preach violence,division.I can understand in... more »

RE: Mirlande Manigat

congratulation! Mrs Manigat, I have a feeling if the election goes well as planned you will be the 47eme president in the history of haiti... more »

A mechanized infantry company of the Armed Forces of Bolivia

Bolivia sends a mechanized infantry company in Haiti A mechanized infantry company of the Armed Forces of Bolivia will join the multinational force... more »

RE: Mirlande Manigat Radio Mega Interview, "Zero Bare" A Man Writes On...

I agree with the article, and we could use her education in the school system. I am hoping, and praying for Mr. Martelly. I do not know him, or Mrs... more »

Haitian people must ask the incompetent Preval

Haitian people must ask Preval to publish the OAS report immediately, because the longer they wait, the more time Preval will have to make Deal with... more »

Wake up haitians

The organisation international have brought Jean Claude Duvalier back to haiti,For their own purposes,First they want us to fight each other.They... more »

Re: President Preval In Grenada Today For CARICOM Meeting

What I would like to add here that Caricom Leaders are planning a form of strategy here to participate in the reconstruction of Haiti in form of a... more »

Rwandan peacekeepers introduce Umuganda to Haiti

HAITI - Besides maintenance of law and order by providing security to Haitians, Rwanda National Police peacekeepers serving under the United Nations... more »

RE: Haiti - Another anti-Martelly Protest begins Thursday, 18 Dec 2014 - From Belair to Petionville

Là, on peut confirmer que les Politichiens (ciens) de l'opposition sont des ANTI-DÉMOCRATE et qu'ils préfèrent voir le pays et... more »