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RE: Haiti will burn if martelly is not elected says Praz

you, praz two stupids if you think mirlande is affiliate with preval,tell praz in march 20, to come in burn haiti that's stupid men is out of money... more »

RE: Haiti Elections: Mirlande Manigat Rallies More Than 200,000 People In...

I hope not, and do not want her for President. She cannot even speak creole, and it is like French when does speak it. Michel Martelly speaks good... more »

RE: Why I Was Disqualified As A Haiti Presidential Candidate, Raymond...

It is disheartening to see how haitian politians have no respect for our inteligence. They have no quarrel participating in a fraudulent process in... more »

Dilatory premier Minister Game--An economic rational

The monies allocated to Haiti as a result of the earthquake has been invested by the superpower for their own benefits because they have serious... more »

RE: Dear Wyclef, Please Don't Run!

hi absolutly agree with u 100 percent, he can always b part of the new haiti by involving in its reconstruction as well as a lot of stuffs, the same... more »

Re: New Temporary Parliament Building In Haiti

Dear letter publisher, it is now time to read about the Written Project Schedule of Reconstruction.Also,? can we have the most recent survey about... more »

Haitian Government can not legally arrest Jean Claude Duvalier

According to Radio Metrolpole the Haitian can not legally arrest Jean Claude, because they were supposed to renew the law suit and charges agains... more »

RE: Aristide, Money Laundering And TELECO - The Miami Feds Investigation

I have read articles about reconstruction money after the earthquake having been used to help finance his campaign... I have read many articles... more »

RE: Haiti Government Orders Army Soldiers To Clear Out Of Old Army Bases

I am very supportive of the clear up of the old army bases but I don't think it the plausible way to do it.However the government needs to implement... more »

RE: Delay The Haiti Elections 2010 Final Results, OAS Told Preval

This election is a joke, this has the problem with Haiti forever, whenever a president gets in there, they do not want to leave. Considering the the... more »