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Re: Wyclef Official Statement About The Loss Of His Candidacy

Reading the word uttered by Mr. Weclef Jean, I have no doubt that this gentleman is a true statesman. Nevertheless, Mr. Jean is very young,and has many years ahead of him; this... more »

RE: give haiti a chance

u know the greediest won't let him cause they don't like a better haiti.Don't u see how terrible haiti looks after january 12th? just on ur eyes who is not leaving in the... more »

Haiti Never Have A Good Leader

Haiti always in need for a great leader after Dessalines. Haiti is thirsty for a good leader. After the assassination of Dessalines,Haiti was lost as a nation. The situation in... more »

RE: Jude Celestin, celibataire en concubinage avec l

Hello Elizabeth, J'ai lu tes comments concernant Jude Celestin. Je te remercie infiniment pour tes informations adequates de ce dit candidat. Rene Preval, son beau-pere, ne sera... more »

President Martelly Briefs Queen Sofia of Spain

President martelly discusses very serious matters with the Queen of England in Haiti, while some of the Pulitzer Prize journalists are spreading their wonderful articles... more »

RE: No FREE Houses In Haiti, President Martelly Says

Mwen panse Prezidan di sa ki nan panse l e se yon bagay ki inportan li di a e mwen cre depi le mond te finn creye tout mounn aple pou travay pou repond a prop bezwen fanmi yo e... more »

NGOs Spend More Than 80 percent of Donations to Haiti NGOs Spend More Than 80 percent of Donations to Haiti Port-au-Prince, Jun 18 (Prensa Latina) More than 80 percents of the reconstruction donations sent to overcome... more »

Re: Aristide's Return To Haiti Has Come To A Stop!

Aristide need to continue to love Haiti from far away......send some of the money back for reconstruction of my beloved country.......and he complained that he will die if not... more »

Re: Jude Celestin Vs Mirlande Manigat, Haiti Election 2010, Round 2

Si jide celestin vin president, nou tout pedi ni sak ni krab. From day one. I knew that anybody with Celestin was just a decoy to get Celestin to the Palais National. We already... more »

Reconstruction of Haiti's image

If the Haitian actual government is serious about a new image for Haiti. I suggest the President to sit down with the Ex-Presidential Candidates to brainstorm on ways to... more »