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Re: Wyclef Official Statement About The Loss Of His Candidacy

Reading the word uttered by Mr. Weclef Jean, I have no doubt that this gentleman is a true statesman. Nevertheless, Mr. Jean is very young,and has... more »

RE: give haiti a chance

u know the greediest won't let him cause they don't like a better haiti.Don't u see how terrible haiti looks after january 12th? just on ur eyes who... more »

Haiti Never Have A Good Leader

Haiti always in need for a great leader after Dessalines. Haiti is thirsty for a good leader. After the assassination of Dessalines,Haiti was lost... more »

RE: Jude Celestin, celibataire en concubinage avec l

Hello Elizabeth, J'ai lu tes comments concernant Jude Celestin. Je te remercie infiniment pour tes informations adequates de ce dit candidat. Rene... more »

President Martelly Briefs Queen Sofia of Spain

President martelly discusses very serious matters with the Queen of England in Haiti, while some of the Pulitzer Prize journalists are spreading... more »

RE: No FREE Houses In Haiti, President Martelly Says

Mwen panse Prezidan di sa ki nan panse l e se yon bagay ki inportan li di a e mwen cre depi le mond te finn creye tout mounn aple pou travay pou... more »

NGOs Spend More Than 80 percent of Donations to Haiti NGOs Spend More Than 80 percent of Donations to Haiti Port-au-Prince, Jun 18 (Prensa Latina) More than 80 percents of the... more »

Re: Aristide's Return To Haiti Has Come To A Stop!

Aristide need to continue to love Haiti from far away......send some of the money back for reconstruction of my beloved country.......and he... more »

Re: Jude Celestin Vs Mirlande Manigat, Haiti Election 2010, Round 2

Si jide celestin vin president, nou tout pedi ni sak ni krab. From day one. I knew that anybody with Celestin was just a decoy to get Celestin to... more »

Reconstruction of Haiti's image

If the Haitian actual government is serious about a new image for Haiti. I suggest the President to sit down with the Ex-Presidential Candidates to... more »