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what do you think???

Take it or leave it if we need a strong man to lead Haiti, Duvalier+ Aristid would be the champs brothers to do the Job regardless their labels....... more »

Stop/the madness

We need to stop with the destruction of country... We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable... We must learn how to take control of our... more »

RE: Haiti National Palace Reconstruction to Begin Soon

Seriously we can improve on the national palace. more »

RE: FLASH!!! Jean Claude Duvalier Is In The Hospital

Alexandre, The people of Haiti are his Strenght. He is going to recover from that sickness because Jean Claude needs to be alive one way or the... more »

Haitian Economic Leverage Project LLC

Congratulations! We at HELP can facilitate with the Reconstruction in Haiti.We specialize in Urbain, Residential,Governmental,Hospital construction... more »

Haiti Diaspora Federation: One Year Later By Stanley Lucas

Haiti Diaspora Federation: One Year Later By Stanley Lucas March 22, 2011 One year ago today, several Haitian Diaspora leaders -- with the support... more »

L'union fait la force

La querelle et la division n'apporteront rien.Une famille divisee est une famille morte.Un pays divise est un pays mort.Peuple haitien,unissez vous... more »

Reconstruction d'Haiti

I think ONE primordial and necesary order its the CLEANUP of PaP. Sanitation should get priority over any other project.Also He should move some of... more »

RE: Wyclef's First Interview As Candidate, My Opinion

Paul, si mwen byen konpran-n, ou pa panse pou chale beton- an ou vle pale de li-a janmin fe you ti changement. Malgre ou ka gin rezon, malgre apre... more »

Reconstruction of Haiti

Since nobody ever knows what it is in the Haitian President his words will speak for him. I wish him and his staff the best of luck. Haiti needs all... more »