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RE: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles says: Why waste money holding elections, Just declare me Winner

Moise Jean Charles is talking nonsense again. Vote for democracy in Haiti. Vote for common sense. more »

Moise Jean Charles fou, pa jwe avek li

Foli pran moun tout jan. Se pa pou yap joue avek Moise Jean Charles. Li fou more »

RE: AUDIO : Haiti - Moise Jean Charles di: 3 Mwa APRE nou pran POUVOIR, se pou nou Armee tout BAZ nou yo...

Jah love. Give thanks and praises for sharing this article. I agree with Senator Moise Jean-Charles 100%!!! We have to empower the base so that they... more »

Moise Jean-Charles is as annoying as a bug (ravet)

Moise Jean-Charles is as annoying as a bug (ravet). And as dangerous. Businesses, manufacturers, schools have to close because of their unruly... more »

RE: AUDIO: Declaration Moise Jean Charles sou Caraibes FM apre Demission Laurent Lamothe

On n'a pas bonne memoire, ou etait Moise Ravette Charles durant les derives Lavalasse/Inite more »

Moise Jean-Charles, to shut the hell up and let the President do his thing

I'd like to tell that Senator, Moise Jean-Charles, to shut the hell up and let the President do his thing for the rest of his 3 years in power... more »

Moise Jean Charles est de retour, il revient de Cuba ce mardi

Le chef de l'opposition en Haiti, Moise Jean Charles, revient en Haiti ce mardi après avoir été hospitalisé à Cuba pendant... more »

Moise Jean Charles, ti comedien politik nou

Moise Jean Charles sonje le-l te konn ap fe sa li nan peyi. Misye fou. pa gen moun kap pran-l o serye se ti comedien politik nou. more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Biron Odige THREATENS Martelly: Either Moise Jean-Charles Becomes The Next President OR REVOLUTION!

rete, moun ki vote pou jovenel moise yo pa gen dwa fe chwa pa yo tou? si moise jean Charles te genyen ase moun deyel, lap genyen, min si non, il fo... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles says: Waiting for CEP to Kick JOVENEL Moise Out of the Race

Who is Moise J.Charles,I never know that I could despised someone with such passion,how in the world this thing is still alive,his a... more »