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RE: Jude Celestin

Jude Celestin, sak fe ou pa bay demisyon man, lage peyi an poul mache...paske se pa ayen ou pral regle...ni ou mem ni preval se de vole...men depi... more »

RE: Haiti - PM Evans Paul Confirms, Martelly did call Jude Celestin to Congratulate him...

I dont think he is sincere.White now I realy hate being an Haitien. Even I am a citycen American, I alrease pride to say where i came from. I wish... more »

RE: Jude Celestin

Thomas, I know you want to be respectful to Celestin by adressing him as "SIR". But you don't need to do that. He is nobody, not someone... more »

Cap Haitian - Clash Between Micky and Jude Celestin supporters

Anviron 30 minit de sa Nan Cap Haitien gen Konfrontasyon Entre Patizan Micky AKA Michel Martelly e kandida a la Prezidans Pou Pati INITE a Jude... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin threatens to withdraw, GOOD for Moise Jean Charles

Pauvre Haiti!!! Jude Celestin is unbelievably childish-but what else is to be expected from a murderer, a bonafide criminal. I think these losers... more »

RE: OFFICIAL: Haiti Elections - Jovenel MOISE and JUDE Celestin Going to Presidential Round 2

Why there is a second(2) round? There is a big difference between JUDE Celestin and Jovenel MOISE. 25% / 32.81%. 7.81% of difference. Jovenel MOISE... more »

RE: FLASH - Jude Celestin Dropping Out Of Haiti Presidential Race

US decided not to back Preval up in his endorsement of Jude Celestin. (Preval pran nan prop pelin'l) I guess that Hugo Chavez loses his 25 millions... more »

RE: Haiti Elections: Jude Celestin Breaks His Silence!

Bon moncher ou gen rezon Jude celestin pa etidye anyen vreman leu li te pati an se fanm neg li tap mache manje pou granmesi.Mesye sa yo rele jude... more »

Re: FLASH - Jude Celestin Dropping Out Of Haiti Presidential Race

je ne crois pas que d est la decision de jude celestin,ni de preval,c est toute la pression des etats unis met sur preval,finalment,il a obeit,tete... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Digicel Poll: Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise on top of Presidential Race

Jude Celestin #31 President d'Haïti bonè bonè more »