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RE: Haiti Elections: Jude Celestin Breaks His Silence!

How come jude clestin still free, even talking to the media he supposed to be in jail, somebody not doing the job. Arrest celestin and preval more »

RE: Jude Celestin

Non, Nou paka vote pou Cristalin, ni pou jude celestin Lavalas sou pouvwa depi lontan. Anyen pajanm fet. Se derespektan sa-a pou'n we Koulye-a pou... more »

RE: Jude Celestin

tet ou gin le pa bien ak jude celestin li pap pase mwen ak sa mwen di a jude celechien preval yo kaka more »

RE: VIDEO: Haiti - Jude Celestin Message a La Nation - Jude Deklare li Pap ale nan Selection 25 Janvier a

Jude Celestin is a coward he cannot stand for Himself.A man like him should never be running for president because he is to weak.None of the... more »

RE: Jude Celestin's Farewell Letter

I only have one thing to say to Jude Celestin Goodbye thief Preval is next Feb 07 is almost here. more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise wants to Sit Down and Talk to Jude Celestin

Klerman Jovenel MOise se yon pwofesyonel. Malerezman, Jude Kretin se youn bloffe. Se pou blan an, ti medam yo ak mesye G8 yo selman Jude danse. Si... more »

Re: Former Wyclef Supporters Now Endorse Jude Celestin For President

I want the haitian people to know one thing, if Jude celestin some how win the election it might be the end of this litle piece of land by the name... more »

RE: SPECIAL REPORT: Jude Celestin Only Got 12 Percent Of The Votes?

I believe that most Haitians are tired with Preval. I am sorry he put Jude Celestin in that position. He could do better for the Haitian people if... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - PHTK Candidate A Rodon Bien-Aime Openly Supports Jude Celestin for President

Bon travail notre futur dirigeant Me Jude Célestin more »

Re: Did The Miami Herald Endorse Jude Celestin?

This just tells you what kind of leadership whoever is sponsoring Jude Celestin want for the country. Remember, in Haiti se banm map ba'w. I have no... more »