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Place des Heros de la Democratie Haitienne

Bonne fete, Docteur, pedagogue et president Jean Bertrand Aristide. Vous etes le Messie haitienne. C'est pourquoi les veritables patriotes Haitiens... more »

Put the Macoute war criminals in jail for the next fifty years

Francois Duvalier had 38,000 tonton macoutes. Some of them were not criminals. However about 8600 of them commited ruthless atrocities like Tyfer... more »

RE: Is The Haitian Senate Accusing US Immigration Of Fraud?

If the United States of America wants President Martelly there for now he will remain president, and "Moise sauve des eaux" cannot do... more »

RE: VIDEO - America Still Hates Haiti

If,anyone doesn't understand the sweet and sour hates of United States Of America,France,England have against any third world countries from 200... more »

Duvalier terror trigged the haitian exodus into exile after 1957

Agent-x says: :) The Duvalier regime of terror was to blame for the massive exodus of Haitian into exile. Agent-X is asking the university students... more »

RE: Haiti New Government Ministers Installed - Administration Jovenel Moise-Lafontant is in Gear

Conseil d'administration national ( CAN): est coordonné par le gouvernement national qui se compose d'un premier ministre, des vice-premier... more »

Perfect analogy how the US is protecting the criminal macoutes

Perfect analogy how the US is protecting the criminal macoutes According to the BBC News Europe, "A high-ranking Nazi officer who helped develop... more »

RE: The Trial Of Jean Claude Duvalier - Amnesty International Vs Duvalier...

Is this supposed to be a joke? "Amnesty International Vs Duvalier",on September 22nd, really? Ah, people, have not we tried this topic... more »

RE: Duvalier And Aristide Invited To Michel Martelly Presidential...

With the return of the Tonton Makouts in power, I can already smell the blood of the Haitians People all accross the rivers of my coutry. You have a... more »

RE: Can Sweet Micky Win The Haiti Presidential Elections? A Haitian...

Micky is not a politician but he will get everyone on board to do what is good for the country. Where many politicians fail Micky will succeed. It... more »