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RE: Daniel Supplice Appointed Coordinator Of The Martelly Transition Team

Bravo bravo you know the man He is a left over from the JCD REGIME Hope he has change the Magouilleur mentalite.Good reference for... more »

RE: The Pope Says Communism Fails Cuba Big Time.

World take notice: Haitians that were born in the 70's, 80's,90's, and after take notice of the criminal actions of the Duvalier's regime who worked... more »

RE: In Defense Of Aristide, From His Attorney Ira Kurzban

This is a fact that aristide has the right to go back to to Haiti,as the constitution of 1987 prescribes it,but he should understand that he should... more »

RE: Haitian Vitamin-News 27 November 2011- Wyclef Jean Dossier Vol-1

Agent-x,wrong again! I never shop in Macy's,like a told you before.You will see my face only on stores that have tools,weapons,fishing baits,ect. I... more »

RE: President Preval Says Cholera Could Delay The Haiti Presidential...

The head line got me so upset that i dont even take time to read the mail.This delay his asking for isn't anything new.He just make it happen.But we... more »

Are Haitians in Haiti on the verge of become slaves again or instinct?

be very wary. If the is no real judge or lawyers to to keep the country in balance by protecting its constitution, it is a matter of time a group... more »

Bahamas repatriated over 200 Haitians to Haiti on July 16 & 18th 2012

According to jonesbahamas-com,Posted on 20 July 2012, by Sasha Lightbourne, The Department of Immigration repatriated more than 200 Haitians to... more »

RE: AUDIO: Haiti Politique - Men Poukisa yo tap tire President Jovenel Moise

Gwo jou lendi sa a, men lari Potoprens blanch kou koton! M kontan depi ti neg gen pouvwa li pa tande konsey! Antouka, bagay yo pa Look Good pou... more »

RE: Haiti Presidents Martelly And Preval Met Friday For Breakfast And...

Hello sir, You started with hate and finished with respect to your people. Do you know who that Chevalier Jr was? He waste negotiator. Mr Chevalier... more »

RE: Haiti New Government Ministers Installed - Administration Jovenel Moise-Lafontant is in Gear

Mèsi sénynyè san ipokrizi! Sé kounyé ya mwen rési ap di yon mo, tout otanm vivan sou tè a: zafè pou... more »