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RE: Haiti - President Jovenel Moise choses Jack Guy Lafontant as Prime Minister

L'unique solution : A) le pourvoir exécutif, la présidence se compose d'un président et d'un vice-président B)le pouvoir... more »

RE: AUDIO: President Rene Preval National Address - Dec 8 2010

Jules Celetin = Racing Clu Haitien Rene Preval = Roger Lafontant CEP = Edner Pageote et les Juges de lignes I'equipe adverse et perdante sera sans... more »

RE: Haiti Drifting Back Toward Authoritarianism

who suffer plenty are you crazy you took everything we have for the past 26 years, monoterie, hasco, teleco ciment d'Haiti ect. talk for yourself... more »

Rencontre de travail entre le Directeur Général du Ministère de la Communication et la Directrice Générale du Ministère à la Condition féminine

Le Directeur Général du Ministère de la Communication, M. Calvin Cadet a rencontré Mme Myrtho René, Directrice... more »

RE: FLASH - Jude Celestin Dropping Out Of Haiti Presidential Race

All I am asking for is the law of the land start being implemented. Forget all people they are all worthless even sweet Micky. It show how none of... more »

RE: Haitien tande, Lesly Manigat te pran pouvwa a nan Coup d'etat yo bali Funeray national, poukoi pa Duvalier?

Jah love. Under what human rights law does a dikkktator get a state funeral dumb ass motherfucker? You ignorance jack asses should all get shot so... more »

Re: Osner Fevry Endorses Jude Celestin For President

Osner Fevry is a crook and a racketer; God knows how much did he get pay for to endorse Jdue Celestin. His endorsement does not mean jack in the... more »

RE: SCOOP: Jacques Sauveur Jean Kandidat pou Senate Nord d'Est Haiti

Omwen nou ka pwan jack sauvè men pa pouchon nou pap pwan okinn nèg ki pa al lekol nan palman anko pou sa nap pase anba iletré ki rele... more »

RE: The United Nations Threatens To Pull Out Of Haiti!

You and the Missionaries can leave tomorrow. You have cradles to rock in other countries but not Haiti or Sudan. You said the hand with the gold is... more »

No Money,No money,I Did Not Steal It.

I did not steal the Haiti funds,please believe me. Well,every one is F U C K I N G Haiti,why not,i just take it. co.uk more »