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RE: Aristide's Return To Haiti Has Come To A Stop!

So many died for him and did so committed so many horrific acts for him. Now what. There is no one stopping aristide but aristide himself. I am... more »

Re: Duvalier And Aristide's Return Will Push Haiti Closer To Turmoil, A...

i don't think duvalier return would create any problem, may for better. But Aristide will certainly disturb any good potential future, for sure, HE... more »

RE: A Letter From President Aristide: I HAVE To Come Back To Haiti Or Be...

The Truth About Aristide: Mob Boss or Persecuted Priest? See: more »

RE: Communique # 2 regarding MINUSTAH

Agent-x,Aristide is a useless man. Aristide will eat his own S H I T too before he dies. Tibobo never use to kill babies and he eat sheeet. Aristide... more »

Aristide Will Be At The Parade Of The New Haitian Army?

Agent-x or any other Lavalas A S S H O L E S; My legitimate question to you all. The mob boss Aristide will be in the Parade? I want an answer from... more »

RE: In Defense Of Aristide, From His Attorney Ira Kurzban

Aristide is a troublemaker,i think it is not a good time for him to go back in Haiti If aristide can go back to Haiti,why not Cedras,Michel... more »

Aristide Nan Zin,Aristide Nan Cho,Aristide Pral Swe Jis Nan Zozol'l

ARISTIDE,they are coming for you I want you to always have some good close on you in case the show up next hour,day or next week. Don't sleep in you... more »

Re: Aristide's Flight Is On The AIR... Titid Will Arrive In Haiti By Noon...

like seriously, lets be soon as aristide step his foot in haiti, se san selman ki apral koule, and deblozay gon be everywhere... more »

Re: Watch The Return Of Aristide LIVE...

Aristide is really coming back but doesn't change.Same speech. same way of talking,speaking several languages.I think aristide is not supposed to... more »

RE: Twenty US special operation forces arrived on 03-27-2012 in Pestel, Haiti

Emmanuel Argan Says... If this is true, then that show the ex Haitian military are not real men they are a bunch of homosexuals. Beside, Guy... more »