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Aristide arrived in Cuba

Presedent Jean Bertrand Aristide is in Cuba according to Radio del Sul Aristide est more »

RE: Aristide Under Investigation For Drug Trafficking And Corruption.

Blog administrator,you are giving wrong info,beside you are 5 days late and not accurate. Haitians authority are useless and cannot bring any charge to Aristide,they are just... more »

RE: In Defense Of Aristide, From His Attorney Ira Kurzban

please please stop talking about aristide and jeanclaude why dont we talk about national reconciliation everyday same sh**T aristide jcd talk about what can we do to make haiti... more »

RE: We CANNOT Stop Aristide, South Africa Tells USA!

tell aristide to fucking stay out of haiti. he wants to comback to fuck up the election. haiti need a change. he wants to comeback to burn pple. aristide is a criminal more »

Officially Denied Eating Baby Nanoune Myrtile

Feminbekou Says... HAITI VODOO: ARISTIDE AND THE BABY - Friday October 15, 2010 Sacrificing of a new born baby in order to keep President Jean Bertrand Aristide in... more »

RE: Duvalier caused agriculture disaster, insecurity & slums in Haiti

CHANTAL isn't Agent-X job to mention Aristide's name,this is the human right organisation or if you are a victim on Aristide's Government yuo know what you suppose to do to get... more »

Mirlande vle Aristide vin aidel ak program edikasyon lel Presidan

Manigat wants the Lavalas vote and made a political pact through INITE Senator Nahoun (who used to with Fanmi Lavalas) with Aristide, and said today during an interview that... more »

Re: About Aristide's Return - What Michel Martelly And Mirlande Manigat...

This is a very well orchestraded ploy by Preval for Manigat to win the popular vote, but if Aristide thinks he is going to get away with the same games of hatred that he played... more »

RE: A Letter From President Aristide: I HAVE To Come Back To Haiti Or Be...

He is lying, He needs to stay where he is. Aristide will be dangeous for Haiti. He is a manipulator that is one of his scam. Aristide is a scam artist a rapist, criminal with no... more »

RE: Guy Phillipe Now Backs Ex-Haiti President Aristide

A terrible miscalculation for Guy Philippe to fight for Aristide's cause.Politically incorrect,I hope Guy will reanrrage his political views vis-a vis of Aristide.Let TITID swim... more »