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Aristide arrived in Cuba

Presedent Jean Bertrand Aristide is in Cuba according to Radio del Sul Aristide est more »

RE: Aristide Under Investigation For Drug Trafficking And Corruption.

Blog administrator,you are giving wrong info,beside you are 5 days late and not accurate. Haitians authority are useless and cannot bring any charge... more »

RE: In Defense Of Aristide, From His Attorney Ira Kurzban

please please stop talking about aristide and jeanclaude why dont we talk about national reconciliation everyday same sh**T aristide jcd talk about... more »

RE: We CANNOT Stop Aristide, South Africa Tells USA!

tell aristide to fucking stay out of haiti. he wants to comback to fuck up the election. haiti need a change. he wants to comeback to burn pple... more »

Officially Denied Eating Baby Nanoune Myrtile

Feminbekou Says... HAITI VODOO: ARISTIDE AND THE BABY - Friday October 15, 2010 Sacrificing of a new born baby in order to keep... more »

RE: Duvalier caused agriculture disaster, insecurity & slums in Haiti

CHANTAL isn't Agent-X job to mention Aristide's name,this is the human right organisation or if you are a victim on Aristide's Government yuo know... more »

Mirlande vle Aristide vin aidel ak program edikasyon lel Presidan

Manigat wants the Lavalas vote and made a political pact through INITE Senator Nahoun (who used to with Fanmi Lavalas) with Aristide, and said today... more »

Re: About Aristide's Return - What Michel Martelly And Mirlande Manigat...

This is a very well orchestraded ploy by Preval for Manigat to win the popular vote, but if Aristide thinks he is going to get away with the same... more »

RE: A Letter From President Aristide: I HAVE To Come Back To Haiti Or Be...

He is lying, He needs to stay where he is. Aristide will be dangeous for Haiti. He is a manipulator that is one of his scam. Aristide is a scam... more »

RE: Guy Phillipe Now Backs Ex-Haiti President Aristide

A terrible miscalculation for Guy Philippe to fight for Aristide's cause.Politically incorrect,I hope Guy will reanrrage his political views vis-a... more »