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RE: ARISTIDE Wants To Come Back To Haiti - Passport Application DENIED!

Forget it, Aristide has a problem that Jean Claude did not have. Aristide has a warrant for his arrest, dont you remember he was implicated in drug... more »

Aristide seems to be crazy!

honestly i am a supporter of Aristide, men mwen renmen ayiti plis pase Aristide. le peyi a nan problem se tout ayisyen ki nan problem. men le... more »

RE: Haitian Vitamin-News 4 January 2012-Part B-3-

Agent-X and its allies, you been posting only 2 days and I can count already 6 new names all with your agenda in mind. It is clear that you are... more »

RE: Obama Administration Wants South Africa To Delay Aristide's Return To...

se pa vle yo pa vle aristide nan peis dhaiti aristide charger avec ban'n chimere deyet li pou eviter problem yo mander pou li vini apre election an. more »

RE: Which one was lying? Jean Bertrand Aristide?Colins Powell? Aristide lying

Jean Betrand Aristide is a first class liar. His own Prime Minister Yvon Neptune stated on radio Kiskeya that the former President resigned. I... more »

RE: FACT OR RUMOR? President Aristide Is En Route To Cuba

Aristide cant go back to Haiti! why aristide he is a ware criminal.Jean claude is nothing like aristide,give one exampple for aristide as... more »

RE: Michel Martelly Pink & Punk laboratory of Magouilles, disinformation

B I T C H,you wish that was not the case. I am sorrry for you. I know the mix is in the blender,the pot is in the fire broiling,so shut your mouth... more »

Petition pou Aristide

ou nou mande pou yo retounen Aristide ban nou siyen petisyon anba: To demand the return of Aristide sign the petition at the links below: Pour... more »

RE: New Passport For Aristide Approved, Haiti Government Agrees

talk talk please aristide build more schools than any other president thats what i care about why dont you go and help stop talking about aristide more »

RE: FLASH - Aristide Is Coming To Haiti This Thursday!

If i was Preval i would do all that i can to make sure that Aristide is in Haiti tomorrow, and set up a meeting between him and Mirlande in the... more »