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RE: The Young Haitian Who Leaked The MINUSTAH Rape Video Receives Death...

Where is Aristide?Where is Aristide?Where is Aristide? This is the result for destroying our army,dumb A S S. more »

RE: FLASH - Aristide Is Coming To Haiti This Thursday!

je suis content de la nouvelle qu'Aristide retourne dans son pays, c'est un homme qui a le sens d'un bon Haitien. Il n'est pas fait pour etre President, c'est un mauvais joeur et... more »

RE: Dominican Republic has an ongoing problem of insecurity

Thanks to Aristide in that case. Aristide ruins Haiti beyond fast repair and stability. Shame on you Aristide the animal. more »

RE: Your Proganda Is Not Fact - It's Propaganda

How many of you seen the "Ghosts of City Soleil" and countless of documents on Aristide's involvement with murders and paid assassins? If you don't, please do some... more »

Re: Yvon Neptune Says President Aristide Was NEVER Kidnapped... Aristide...

Tout moun Aristide bay job leve kont li ala neg pa gen chans mesie se te Preval kounnie a se Neptune. neg sa yo pi mal pase chin, se koun nie a tout moun ap we ke se pa te fot... more »

RE: Duvalier And Aristide Invited To Michel Martelly Presidential...

Disagree with sombody do not mean not having tet ansanm,aristide can not be a good example.Give one good thing that kk did for haiti and do not compare jean claude with... more »

Re: About Aristide's Return - What Michel Martelly And Mirlande Manigat...

si Aristide vraiment aime son pays il est preferable qu'il attend apres les elections, If Aristide love is country it's better for him to wait after the election. more »

Re: Yvon Neptune Says President Aristide Was NEVER Kidnapped... Aristide...

wether he signed the letter or not does not affec the main argument which is that aristide was forced to resigned on february 2004. his private security guard was prevented form... more »

RE: Aristide, Money Laundering And TELECO - The Miami Feds Investigation

I disagree in some degree,you are right their sentences will please the United States even other country like France. But this guy is not showing any remorse for his deeds, as... more »

Re: A Letter From President Aristide: I HAVE To Come Back To Haiti Or Be...

Mr. Aristide, please stay where you are in South Africa, don't go back to Haiti. Thank you. What good did Aristide do for haiti when he was in power? Mr. Aristide should not be... more »