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Haiti Election Day - Damier Haiti, People Cannot Vote

Voters at the Ecole Nationale de Damier are frustrated because they are having difficulty voting. It seems they many of them cannot find their names... more »

Haitian Voters Are Frustrated

Haiti Election Day - Haitian voters are frustrated because they have been standing in line since 6am this morning and still they cannot vote. There... more »

Haiti Election 2011 - Preval Fek Vote

Nou Vle jis few konnen ke Prezidan Preval Fek Sot Vote nan Lycee marijann more »

Haiti Election 2011 - Pwoblem Bilten

Nou konstate tou patou nan peyi gen yon pwoblem biltin ak urne tout Kote. Gen anpil moun ki soti pou yo ale vote. yo we non yo nan list men pa gen... more »

Haiti Election Day - President Preval Gets Ready To Cast His Vote

It has just been reported that Haitian president Rene Preval is about to cast his vote. I guess Lycee Marie-Jeanne is re-oppened! Who will Preval... more »

Haiti Election - President Rene Preval Vote

Haiti Election Day - President Rene Preval Ap Vote Kounye a avek yon chemiz a ba. Li tre kalm kom toujou more »

Haiti Election Day - Les Cayes, Things Are Going Well

The election process seems to be going relatively well in Le Cayes Haiti, there has been no major incidents reported. This is the latest from Haiti... more »

Haiti Election Day - Tension at Ecole Nationale Du Peru

There seems to be some issue at the Ecole national Republique Du Peru. A representative of Repons Peyisan claims that they will not allow his... more »

Lycee Daniel Fignole - Voting Still Not Started - Haiti Election Day

Haiti Election Day - At the Lycee Daniel Fignole in Delmas 6 materials still have not yet arrived. There is only 1 ballot box and no election INK... more »

Haiti Election Day - Lycee Marie-Jeanne Closed, No INK

There is no INK in Lycee Marie-Jeanne so this voting booth is closed until further notice. By the way this is where President Preval is supposed to... more »

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