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Ti Manman Cheri Project

Haiti begins cash transfer social program Sunday, May 27, 2012 (05-27) 12:15 PDT PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- The Haitian government has launched a... more »

Memorial Day - Pride In My People

Thank you Junot: Army Spc. Junot Mevs Legrand Cochilus As the nation honors fallen troops this Memorial Day weekend, friends and family of U.S. Army... more »

The last time that I went to both places about some six years...

The last time that I went to both places about some six years ago, they both needed repairs badly but were clean. People were mostly interested in... more »

Technology And Gender

(CORDIS) more »

Memorial Day - Le Vietnam

26 mai 2012 Jean BRICMONT Cette ann more »

Memorial Day Revisited

By: Paul Woodward May 26, 2012 Bill Moyers and Michael Winship write: Facing the truth is hard to do, especially the truth about ourselves. So... more »

Asia's Mad Arms Race

Asia more »

The Children Of Haiti Project

Cuba And US At It Again

May 26, 2012 The recent discovery of offshore oilfields in the Gulf of Mexico has given Havana new hopes of establishing rich deposits of its own... more »

Fundraising for Jeremie Students

AOF Group Raises $10,000 for Haitian Students The money donated to the Haitian Health Foundation will provide 100 with hot meals for a year. By... more »

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