It does concern me that Haiti has people who think the Dominican Republic belong to them and want an army

Dominican Guy - October 12 2018, 12:42 AM

If there's one thing I know from personal experience is that Haitians (not all) say that Dominican Republic belongs to Haiti I heard it several times in my life. But I never heard a Dominican say Haiti belongs to Dominican Republic (not once).

So where not dumb.

Dominican Republic has an army that has never invaded defenseless Haiti.

So it does concern me that Haiti has people who think my land belongs to them (and therefore think my family doesn't deserve a home) want an army.

A military is not used to strengthen economies, businesses and good leadership does.

My point is that, because there's never been major conflict between the two nations ever since Dominicans gained our independence from Haiti, with a military on their side and different views conflict is inevitable.

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