One thing for sure after I see my brothers and sisters are...

Lucien Poulard - August 22 2017, 12:22 AM

One thing for sure after I see my brothers and sisters are enduring at the hands of our neighbors i decided to no no longer take my vacation in punta Cana
My barber for the past 12 years is Dominican I don't use him anymore and told why accompany with a video of Haitian getting mistreated by Dominicans
We need to stand make a difference where it counts the the most in their wallets
As for our country rebuilding their military
We are a free country
Dominicans are free today thanks to us
Who the heck they think they are
We don't need their blessings
Since when they own our land
Our Haiti Cheri
Wake up Haitians we all have a Dessaline in us
Let's put our head together stop the corruption stop the killing of Haitian on Haitian
We can turn our country around
We can make Haiti proud again!!!

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