I am super happy that the MINUSTAH Blue Helmet thugs from Brazil are leaving our beloved Ayiti

Marie Nadine Pierre - August 16 2017, 5:11 PM

Jah and Jahnes love. Yes, I am super happy that the MINUSTAH so called Blue Helmet thugs from Brazil and elsewhere are leaving our beloved Ayiti.

They should have NEVER been there.

They are kkkriminals who did nothing well. They killed, raped, tortured and disappeared innocent Ayiti people like Lovinsky Pierre, Dread Wilmer and many others.

And over the past 13 years they got paid billions to hurt us. Mwen telmen konten, mwen pret pou m pran zam pa m paske mwen konnen yo pap kite peyi san fe dega. E pi tou, fok nou pran tout non, tout dosye sou tout moun ki te sevi nan MINUSTAH avan yo pati. Blessed love.

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