Every country around the world has some type of military to...

Astrel - April 21 2017, 8:53 AM

Every country around the world has some type of military to protect they country and the people thats living inside the country.

So i think it is very proper for Haiti to have some type of military defense.

its not only it would keep the crimes rate down it would raise the amount of jobs in Haiti dont forget military is the first choice a country have to protect is peoples and i think is time for haiti to start having all type of military defense.

it would introduce the haitien youth to the newest technologie that the military around the world is using we as the haitien we are educated just like all the people around the world.

I dont see why we cant have a military just like every one around the world.

we shouldnt denied of a new military force and today we seen how the orther country is building stong military defense.

I think we are very late and we should start right now the time is now you never know when they could call us on the line of duties but if we dont have any experience how can we go?

So i let that in the hands of god

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