Haitian people, get out to vote for a president who will...

Peter Godson - November 12 2016, 12:42 PM

Haitian people, get out to vote for a president who will rebuild Haiti in every department.

Get out to vote for a president who will bring a minimum wage $2-$3 an hour, vote for a president who will ring healthcare in every department, vote for a president who bring professional schools in the South, the North, the East, the West, not only in Port au Prince, vote for a president who will decentralize Port au Prince ao students do not have to leave their family life for enlightenment.

Jaitian people get together to rebuld Haiti and to develop commerce import-export in every department.

Haitian people, build hotels in every department to develop tourism and hospitality and the real estate buisiness in every department.

Haiti needs assisted living residences, nursing homes, nursing schools, recreation centers, nice beaches, stadiums, for the retired people and toursts to vacation in Haiti.

Every town needs two laundromats for the Haitian people to do their laundry faster.

Every department needs a car dealer for the Haitian to learn to drive and put buses on the roads so the Haitian travel faster.

Haitian people, get out to vote for a president who will put electricity in all departments in Haiti.

Haiti needs a cell phone store in every town, a car dealer in every town, a money transfer office in every deoartnenbt so the Haitian people do not have to go to Port au Prince for money transfer.

Haiti needs a bank, a telephone company, an electric company, an insurance company in every department to create jobs in every department, not only in Port au Prince.

Vote for a president who will develop Haiti who will rebuild, create jobs in education, healthcare, in commerce, in transporation, social mobilization, communication, agriculture, nutrition, tourism, real estate in every department.

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