Haiti needs Reform so Haiti can develop in Agriculture, Commerce, Education...

Peter Godson - October 14 2016, 11:31 AM

Haiti needs Reform so Haiti can develop in Agriculture, Commerce, Education, in Healthcare, Social mobilization, in Finances, Transportation, Communications, etc.

The departments of Haiti need Governors to develop Economy in Haiti in all departments in Haiti.

For example, the Cayes need Aristide as Governor, The Nippes need Privert after the election as Governor, The Grande Anse needs Martelly as Governor to find solution to develop these regions.

These regions are left behind and are in needs of a Governor to develop them.

The South of Haiti need change.

The people of the South have no electricity, no phones services, no money transfers offices, no professional schools, no buses on the roads, no affordable housing development, no healthcare, no banks, no supermarkets, pharmacies, no medical clinics, no stores, they have to go to Port au Prince for everything.

Open the ports of the Cayes, the Nippes, the Grande Anse to the Commerce.

Open the South for business.

The South needs its own airport to develop tourism and commerce.

Do not forget the South of Haiti.

Help the South of Haiti.

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