No, Haiti is very poor. $55 millions in 5 month is just for...

Paul Bance - August 2 2016, 11:14 AM

No, Haiti is very poor. $55 millions in 5 month is just for Port au Prince.

Haiti has 10 departments, every department should be able to produce $100 millions a month.

Haiti has no jobs, 90% persons are unemployed and homeless in Haiti.

Some people just make $1 a day in Haiti.

Haiti needs a minimum wage $3 an hour. Haiti needs airport in the South, so builders can build affordable housing for sale and create hospitality jobs in every department.

Haiti needs a bank in every arrondissement, Haiti has no bank, no electric company, no telephone company, no librairies in every town, no post office, no professional schools, no car dealers, no transportation, no buses on the roads, no nursing homes in the provinces.

Haiti has 10 departments, Haiti should be able to make $50 millions a day and create jobs in healthcare, in education, in transportation, commerce, agriculture, in the fashion industry, in the furniture industry.

Haiti is very poor. O, Lord send prosperity for Haiti.

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Samble haiti tres riche si DGI gintan fe 55millionnan...

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Amen....bien dit! I checked out of Haitian politics...

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