En avant electeurs, en avant electeurs. Haitien people, follow...

Paul Bance - June 25 2016, 4:19 PM

En avant electeurs, en avant electeurs.

Haitien people, follow the rule of law to stop election fraud, corruption in Haiti.

Haitien people get together to elect a President who will make Haiti great again.

Take your vacation to Haiti this summer, welcome to election 2016 in every department in Haiti.

Haiti needs airport in the South for tourists to come to election 2016, for the retired to come to retire in Haiti.

Welcome to Haiti for vacation, for business, for retirement, for honeymoons, etc. Welcome to Haiti anytime.

Open Haiti to the world.

Pep Haitien, voter pou you president kap travail pou pep haitien soti nan miseir.

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