I have a slightly different take on the situation in Haiti...

Neglakay - June 18 2016, 11:10 PM

I have a slightly different take on the situation in Haiti, Jean. I think one must not rush to believe that Privert cannot transcend his past association with Lavalas and run the country with a sense of fairness and balance.

I believe that he is, right now, the best hope for a transition with fewer troubles.

While I believe that it would have been better for the Judiciary to have taken control of the presidency at the end of Martelly's term, it's now too late to switch things around.

If parliament can't meet to extend Privert's term, as the reality calls for, he needs to remain in charge until the next president is elected.

Those who have lost power and want to regain it, should remain engaged to help Privert organize credible elections where fraud will not taint the results.

Jude Celestin will remain a hero to many for showing he has backbone and will not do everything for power and money.

He is among a few rare Haitians who seem to understand their worth as leaders.

He may not talk much but he seems far from being a dummy.

I respect him for showing character in his political life.

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