Do not eliminate the $1.50 collected on all money transfers to...

Paul Bance - May 5 2016, 1:02 PM

Do not eliminate the $1.50 collected on all money transfers to Haiti.

This money is to create more money transfers offices in every town of Haiti in every department so the people in the provinces do not have to go to Port au Prince to claim their money.

Every town needs a money transfer office, cell phones store, post office.

This money is to put buses on the roads in every department to promote social mobilization in every department.

Create jobs with money transfers collection and let us go places.

Martelly did a good job imposing this $1.50 collection on every transfer.

Collect this money to create jobs in communication, transportation.

Every call made to Haiti 10 cents collection to create a phone company in every department, to build roads, bridges, to put boats on the seas. This is the only way to get some money from the International communities.

Rebuild Haiti.

Haiti needs Help, use this money to improve and remodel Haiti.

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