I am not sure what Mr. Sauveur Pierre Etienne motives may be...

By: David Grant (replying to topic) - February 12 2016, 10:13 PM

I am not sure what Mr. Sauveur Pierre Etienne motives may be at not recognizing the President Provisoire; nor the manner in which he is selected, However, in my own view point, I think this is unfair to the people of Haiti.

To say that anyone capable of raising the amount of $500,00o.00 can be appointed as president provisoire of the country, is preposterous.

Let us suppose that an ex-con, a drug dealer or someone of shady character present himself or herself with such money, will he be accepted as president of Haiti for a period of 120 days. with full executive powers of a president.

This is a long period of time. and the miscreant can achieve a great deal of mischievous acts.
I believe that this concept should be re-think.

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