I imagine that like most Haitians who have spent time in a...

Freud Voltaire - February 7 2016, 1:47 AM

I imagine that like most Haitians who have spent time in a foreign country you did not grow as a human being.

I do not see what Aristide has to do with this. You are such an IMBECILE and typical self-hating negro.

Although I would not expect you to know this, both the UN charter and the Haitian constitution prohibits the exile of anyone.

The IRONY here is that Sweet Micky is a vile creature, who participated in two coup d'etat that resulted in the murder of thousands of Haitians and forced Aristide to be exiled and totally destabilized that country.

I suppose he did not know Haitian history very well. There is a popular saying that kind of describe this circumstance: PEYI DAYITI SE TE GLISE.

I imagine his despicable treatment of Liliane Pierre-Paul did not offend you. Maybe you have heard of this saying:"BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER."

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Why should he go in exile for?Absolutely not that is...

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