It is normal for the opposition to reject the plan concocted...

Neglakay - February 3 2016, 1:43 PM

It is normal for the opposition to reject the plan concocted by the government and the parliament because both of these entities have major legitimacy issues.

For one, Martelly can not have the privilege to choose another Pongongon to continue the doctrine Adelante that has led the country to this Kachouboumbe we are in. Secondly, the parliament, apart from the 10 senators that have been there before the 2015 elections, does not have enough legitimacy to act on behalf of the country in this time of crisis.

Thirdly, OEA and the core group can not decide for us since they were supporting the Adelante/Tet Dwat doctrine that brought us to this situation.

Only Haitians can decide now what to do. The street and the opposition must be heard.

Since we are short on time and the country is in a delicate situation, we must negotiate certain things.

The G-8 proposition should form the basis of the solution.

The supreme court should handle the Presidency; K-Plim may stay as Prime minister, after negotiations, only to keep the government running.

Once the independent commission establishes the truth about the elections, the properly elected members of parliament will be able to legitimately join the legislative body.
If K-Plim is rejected during the negotiations, that is fine, because he was part of the team that brought the country to this mess and therefore should pay a price as well.
If Martelly refuses to leave power this coming sunday, the people of Haiti who has just stopped the Pongongon/Tet Dwat foolishness will once more be forced to flex its muscles and remind ourselves and the world whose descendants we are. Let us all, in our own spheres, play our part to avoid possible darker days ahead.

Aristide, Preval, and L'armee Haitienne have all accepted their defeats, it is now time for Martelly/Tet Kale to do the same. After all, he was not that better for the country than his predecessors.

A bon entendeur, Salut.

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