No Mr Opont is not a disgrace to no one. Haitians are a...

Hen - January 31 2016, 8:55 PM

No Mr Opont is not a disgrace to no one. Haitians are a disgrace to Haiti for 212 years.The name Haiti itself means hate. There is no way for haitian to love neither forgive one another.

Watch tomorrow the G8 killing each other.

Go and check their background ""Surprise"" they are all dirty: money launderer, thief, drug dealers, abusers,liars, traitors,muderers, opportunist,despisers of anything good for Haiti, their feet are swift to shed blood, they are very selfish, intemperants,cruel, insensitive, ready to burn down the country for their own selfish gain using the stupid and ignorant poor people while their families are in foreign countries and themselves with a visa in their pocket.You better wake up open your eyes even the so call philosophers are drunk and full with darkness, the priest, the pastors are all mixed into this stinking mud of hatred and not even God make sense there.

Haiti the pearl is dark, is black.

No poly tick can change Haiti they are bloodsuckers.

We killed each other for no reason.

families, friends,peers,.Haitian have so much hate and insecurities that they do witchcraft for everything and anything.

Right now the rulers of the tumulte in haiti are djab Dessalines, djab petion, djab Aristide, djab Duvalier, soon to be added djab Martely all thirsty for human blood.Look very well into their eyes they are all red their are all possess with demons.

Haiti cannot change for this is the only way for the demons to get fed. Please God have mercy on Haiti.

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Agree: Mr. Opont is a disgrace to Haiti and to his...

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