Transition is a movement that is not in favor of the Haitian...

Elie Philocles - January 14 2016, 2:46 PM

Transition is a movement that is not in favor of the Haitian people and democracy.

The Haitian people should get together to elect their president in the name of Toussaint Louverture, Dessalines, Petion, Boukman.

Transition is for a group of elite's pocket.

Haiti should keep fighting for her freedom and the Haitian dignity even in an economic crisis.

Haiti should plant more bananas, mangos, breadfruits, corn, etc., to develop economy in Haiti.

Haiti should go about discovering his natural resources to get out of poverty.

Haiti should develop tourism, real estate, education, commerce, import- export healthcare.

Haiti has the potential to be a great nation again.

Haiti needs freedom, the Haitian needs to live with dignity.

Do not forget la bataille de Vertieres.

Does Haiti want history to repeat itself again.

Haiti needs a President who can create jobs, build affordable housing for the low income people and the unemployed.

Haiti needs a President who can bring a minimum wage of $2-$3. Right now, it is the rich people against the poor people, the intellectuals against the illiterate people.

Let us get together to make Haiti great again like it was after 1804.

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