Transition equals instability!!! it is irresponsible to ask...

Cheria - January 14 2016, 9:42 AM

transition equals instability!!! it is irresponsible to ask for transition...but Haitians are not known for good political sense, so have a go at it...manigat wants power at all cost even if she is president for a day....

it is true that i don't trust the KEP and I don't think anyone trust anybody in Haiti, but the process must continue and work must be done to change US because we are systematically wired to never accept a lost, to win at all cost. Those who say JOvenel Moise just came on the scene and shouldn't win doesn't understand democracy.

You don't get rewarded for sitting on your butt year after year doing nothing.

It is quite plausible for a newbie with a vision to unseat you. Jovenel Moise actually campaigned and spelled out a realistic vision, what did the others do?

Nada..they expect their good looks, their perfect French, their money and their contacts to help them win....

That is not democratic!!

I do believe Haiti deserves dictators because they are and will never be ready for democracy.

In democracy there are winners and losers and losers should not destroy the country but think of constructive ways to work with the winner to build.

KEP was great when they kicked out Sophia M and Lamothe, but all of a sudden, KEP sucks and is in Martelly's pocket because Jovenel Moise is ahead.

KEP does suck and I do believe they are cheating but it affects everyone probably more so at the local elected official level versus presidential race level...So what gives.

Everyone wants the opportunity to cheat for their candidate.

Jude Celestin never directly address the voters about his vision, he only shows up to whine about losing.

What is he selling the voters?

Jovenel Moise is killing himself going cross country to sell a vision.

If you are fair, which is the better candidate?

Stop looking at a gift horse in the mouth.

Everyone is equal and in my opinion, Jovenel Moise has proven himself to be a formidable opponent.

May the best man win!!

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