This unprofessional cretin really doesn't deserve to run for...

Cheria - December 7 2015, 9:49 AM

This unprofessional cretin really doesn't deserve to run for the highest office of the land. He clearly has no respect for the laws of the land wants to reign upon!! Don't you see Jude's game?

He is hedging against an embarrassing defeat?

Later he will say, he didn't lose because he never ran! He hasn't campaigned, hasn't formally disputed any results via proper channels, haven't submitted his "mandataires", neglected to officially pull himself out of the race etc....

And we want this goon for President while we have a skinny well-spoken, educated, respectful professional with a proven track record, untainted from the stench of Port au Prince, a son of the north, to vote for?

Any wonder JOvenel MOise is beating the pants of these career professionals?

He is hope. He is positive and all about results.

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