atJean Romulus-have you seen the insane crowd that Jovenel...

Cheria - December 7 2015, 9:35 AM

@Jean Romulus-have you seen the insane crowd that Jovenel Moise is pulling?

Those people also voted dear. They are not in the streets, instead they are cheering Jovenel Moise on. Are you saying your candidate's vote trumps theirs?

At its core, all competitions have winners and losers.

Sorry Moise Jean Charles and Maryse Narcisse and everyone else didn't get enough votes to move on. Jude C and Jovenel MOise have to battle it out and it looks like the cretiin Jude C is handsomely losing before the battle even begun.

You people have no concept of democracy.

Of course your losing candidate will not be happy about losing, but so goes the game. Run a tight campaign with vision and convince the voters to buy your vision-it is the only way. If you are didn't make the cut, regroup and try again with better platform.

I knew there was no way in hell Haitians would vote for a loud, no vision, violent man like MOise Jean Charles.

Maryse was never in the running.

I am sure Jovenel MOise won first round they tampered with results to appear more fair by lining up the top 4 popular candidates.


Yes, but Jovenel didn't win from it. He only got 32% while the other non-starters grabbed a whopping 67%.

If they were not crabs, they could have easily backed Jude C and eliminate Jovenel MOise.

Stop whing already!!

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in a souverain country nobody can come to say...

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