Because I am ashamed to admit that Haitians are inherently...

Cheria - December 3 2015, 10:16 AM

Because I am ashamed to admit that Haitians are inherently stupid and our lust for power and our greed for material riches blinds us to and bar us from ever doing anything simply for the betterment of someone or something...

As much as we like to beg for handouts, we are not very free hearted with charity...look at the streets of PAP, a beggar will more often be ignored than given a crumb!! Such too is the case with our ridiculous politics.

Why indeed didn't the incompetent Opont and to a lesser degree, the silly Martelly government, didn't step in to regulate this thing more?

Well Martelly was willing to stir the pot to bar his VP Lamothe from running-a clear violation of true democracy, because he single handely made a choice to eliminate one the most popular candidates to appease the very people who want his head now. Next, that corrupt OPONT guy should have been removed and never allowed anywhere near the election process-but we kept him.

I am 100% the destruction, but if we are all being fair, one cannot help but wonder why these irregularities were not addressed prior to the election.

My problem with the loser, G30 soon to be G53, is the fact that they all agreed to t he messed up rules prior to the game, but once they realized they are defeated, they want to change the rules.

That is unheard of and it stinks for the innocent voters who did come out to participate in the flawed election.

All in all, this election was one of the better one we have had, so I understand why the international community want to push forward.

Why cant the G30, soon to be G53, get behind the second runner up, Jude Celestin?

Because we are inept and inherently greedy and selfish.

Each man want to win it for himself and is only banding together to prevent each other from gaining on the other!!

I am disgusted and if there is a second round, they should address the opposition's concerns and take serious measure to improve the integrity of the results.

We can start off by being more transparent.

Why the hell did it take 2 weeks in a backroom to count votes?

Lawyers and representatives for each candidate should be present for the counting of all ballots and the removal off all ballots from the voting centers.

Something tells me that the losing party would still cry foul. At this point, I am not even sure if Jovenel Moise wont play the same game if he ends up being the loser-it is in our blood to win at all cost and damn the country.

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