These false intellectuels people are in Haïti just for...

Yves Lamy - December 2 2015, 10:39 PM

These false intellectuels people are in Haïti just for the destruction of the country.

Manifestation upon manifestations are beneficial for the fake politicians while the poor people benefit nothing.

What kinds of advancements they have done for the people.

I want to ask Haïtian people to largely open their eyes to see what are going on around them. The wickedness of these politicians put Haïti in bad shapes.

They are all hypocrites.

Where were they before the elections?

Why didn't they get United before the election?

This is the result of the negligence of the President and the cep. They should eliminate 50 candidates and left only 4

If the constitution required 51 percent for one to be elected, the 2nd = 49. What about 54?

They should change the equation.

If for 1 = 51 then for 54 = X. Therefore, the President of the CEP was required to drop some candidates or to change the proportion to find out what percentage each candidate would have. Then the candidate with the highest percentage should be elected.

Why didn't they do it this way.

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