Jude should be smarter than that. He should negociate with the...

Jean - November 27 2015, 10:07 AM

Jude should be smarter than that. He should negociate with the G8 and assure them of what he is going to do if he wins the elections.

As I said before, Jude has a better chance to win the elections in December against Jovenel.

If he leaves his place to Moise JC, it is going to be a chaos because Moise JC will not win against Jovenel.

I understand, Moise JC did run a very good campaign during the last elections but there is some confidence issues.

Of course, it going to be some street riots for sometimes, but he will lose anyway.

It appears that the CEP, contrary to the previous ones, is not intimidated by the pressure from the street.

Moise JC should help Jude win the elections.

Michel Martelli played the same card in 2010 that Moise JC plays today, but remember 2010 is not 2015. Moise JC, needs to change tactics.

If Moise JC wants to, a win for Jude might his victory.

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