Martelly is not a real leader to begin with. So please, miss...

William Jean-marie - November 21 2015, 11:32 AM

Martelly is not a real leader to begin with. So please, miss me with that nonsense.

Get a transition government, IF you want Haiti still standing.

The probleme with people here on this website is that Martelly can not lead on his own accord.

He NEEDS the U.N., not the other way around.

Wake up! You can't be boldly arrogant and your government openly corrupt.

And this is said by people who are credible.

You will never get things done, even if the USA openly backs you up. Yet look at how everyone don't regard USA right now. Change leaders.

The protests might be less violent as well. Or don't change and see what happens.

Haiti will burn if Martelly stays.

Go ahead and support Martelly if you like Haiti destroyed.

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