Haiti needs a School of Agronomy in the North, a School of...

Marian Noel - November 12 2015, 1:46 PM

Haiti needs a School of Agronomy in the North, a School of Agronomy in the South for all young Haitians to get involved in the Science of Agriculture.

Haiti should plant more bananas, mangos, watermelons, lemons, corn, coconuts, avocados, all types of fruits and vegetables to export to the USA, Canada supermarkets.

There is great profit in Agriculture.

If you do not make it to the second round, aller planter, aller prier.

Vive Agriculture, Etudier Agronomy, developer Agriculture en Haiti.

Trop moune bezouin president en Haiti.

Return to work, Stop complaining about election results.

Put buses on the roads, build restaurants, hotels in every town.
Open driving in every town in Haiti, Open 6 car dealers in the North in the South.

Open Laundromats in every town and county in Haiti.

Build malls in every sector in Port au Prince.

Do not waste time complaining about election, go back to work. You can be millionaire with a laundromat chain and create jobs for the Haitian people and be the president of your own companies.

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Problem kem gen ak kandida yo! Se paskem tape sou...

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