Not one to be left out the party of doom-Baker just joined the...

Cheria - November 3 2015, 1:26 PM

Not one to be left out the party of doom-Baker just joined the "fraud" bandwagon too. Poor Haiti.

The losers want to do over until each of them is named the winner-an impossible feat!

How the hell they made it on the Presidential ballot and Lamothe didn't is beyond me, but now that Martelly presented a very capable Jovenel Moise, please let the progress already started until Martelly continue to flourish.

The Haitian crab mentality is the root of the problem.

We never help each other up.

Why so many political parties anyway?

There should be one very conservative, one very progressive and maybe one independent and 2 compromises between far left and right in the middle.

This is a joke where everyone thinks they know better so they form a party that stands for nothing other than they hate the guy in office and want their personal chance to get rich.

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