Well, well. When you took a LUCRATIVE government job, didn't...

Raynald Delerme - May 22 2015, 5:55 PM

Well, well. When you took a LUCRATIVE government job, didn't you know that, if you wanted to run for an elected position, you would need that famous dechaj?

Didn't you also know that without a functional parliament, it would be almost impossible to get that sweet dechaj?

So just because we have a de-facto Prime Minister, a de-facto government (except for the President), why not have de-facto dechaj and de-facto candidates?

Why don't we just throw away the constitution and the electoral laws and have a de-facto elections.

then so long as the US and the Pays amis d'Haiti says you're good to go, we are all set then. Anyway, the people of Haiti is a de-facto population.

Who cares?

Doesn't sound rght, no?

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