There are two different kinds if game in big countries and the...

Proud To Be Haitian - March 20 2015, 3:10 AM

There are two different kinds if game in big countries and the third-world countries' elections: the big countries have competent candidate full of knowledge and college educated, and people who care for their countries--on the contrary, the third- world countries' elections are full with incompetent individual including those so-called college educated, and most of those people are from the gutter.

Have somebody well educated from the élite group will always do some how better than the one who comes from nothing like Aristide.

Micky is from money although has no college education however he is doing way better than donkey mouth Aristide.

I strongly believe that if micky had slice of college education he would have done more for Haiti.

Educated individual would want to put those woman to work so they can pay for their kids'education.

Why forcing the diaspora to pay for those kids education?

Those bouzen keep sleeping around having buch of kids by bunch of man, and now the diaspora have to pay for them. Diaspora are working hard for their money while those whores running around having sex with whoever, and micky is forcing us to pay for those woman unfortunate behavior.

I don't like that idea. It would have been better for us the diaspora paying to build factory for those bouzen to work so they'll know diaspora working for their money too. Diaspora don't pick money from the streets.

This is welfare.

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