I second what president Bill Clinton said about OUR PRESIDENT...

Mario Mothersil - March 18 2015, 1:05 PM

I second what president Bill Clinton said about OUR PRESIDENT, Joseph Michel Martelly: "He is the best president that haiti has ever had".

All of the different individuals who criticize OUR PRESIDENT are the frustrated political dinosaurs who have been in the haitian political arena for decades and have never achieved much. People like Zaboca Andre Michel, Doctair Turnebre Delpeut, Saynatair Dieuseul DeuxRat, Ti-Moise Djol Si, and others need to retire and allow the capable new generation to take over the rein of leadership.

The others who criticize OUR PRESIDENT are those who feel that, because of their TU-LI-TU-TU, and, J'ai fais ma classe de philisophy et j'ai passe tout mon temps a l'ecole pour apprendre PALEE FRANCAIS" should be the ones to govern.

The latter group is frustrated because they have spent years in school taking "French" as minor while majoring in "no common sense" and have nothing to show for all of their wasted time. Enough with all of Haitian bashing B/S. It appears to me that the New York Times is now engaged in "TRIPOTAYE or HEARSAY" which, most of the time, are never substantiated.

I beg that the New York Times stop with the Haitianization of their stories on OUR PRESIDENT and produce some facts to support that OUR PRESIDENT has or may have participated in criminal activities, not just having friends or relatives who run afoul of the Law. In the USA, an individual cannot be held responsible with crimes committed by a relative or a friend.

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