atRicart a Dominican negro, you are the one that need to shut...

Proud To Be Haitian - March 11 2015, 7:24 AM

@Ricart a Dominican negro, you are the one that need to shut your stupid stk dogy mouth.

You don't know shit and pretending to know it all with your pnk ass Dominica negro.

What do you know about politic?

Nothing! Stupid ass. In a country whit real government and real politician, when something keeps happening concerning a particular situation that includes the people of the land, the government and politicians get to together and figuring out the best way to fix the problem.

DR needs Haitians more than Haiti does because those Haitians with no dignity keep going there, send their kids to school there, buying their shits etc etc, and that help DR grow as a country.

Ricart, you're the stupid thinking that no Haitian wouldn't see that. As result, this matter should be a referendum.

How many Haitians got killed in DR and nothing done by DR's authorities?

Why Haitians are working as slave in bate according to you "Ricart"?

The list of horrible things that Haitians are going through from Dominicans is unacceptable.

All of the Haitians in DR should comeback home, and the Haitian government should cut business with DR and the story be end. Enough is enough.

Endres Navarro says that DR has no intention to brk diplomatic relation with Haiti.

He said that because Haiti is profitable to DR. Ricart, you are very stupid if you think that I don't know what I'm talking about especially concerning international politic.

Ricart Fk yourself stupid.

You don't know shit kk.

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