I see that you want to get my advise providing source to the...

Proud To Be Haitian - March 6 2015, 4:48 AM

I see that you want to get my advise providing source to the audience but still not closed although you trying.

First of all, when I say that I'm proud to be Haitian, I am proud of that for real and nothing cannot make that otherwise, also speaking of Duvalier sold Haitians to DR, Duvalier left Haiti for how long now?

You sould be able to do that math because it's not tha difficult.

Three days ago, you stated that, Dominican police arrested a large number of Haitian from your river.

I can only pray that you do get the point.

I will not brk it down because I am refusing to believe that I'm dealing with a seconder brain living in a full grown human body. You inclination is to contradict everything that can prove Haiti was in better place during the Duvalier era.

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"I'm one of the proud Haitians, I do not like lavalas...

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