Clearly he works for everywhere. we have...

Cheria - December 12 2014, 4:06 PM

clearly he works for everywhere.

we have been a nation accepting hand-outs forever, so if those hand-outs are finally bearing fruit, I fail to see the problem here. There is corruption in every government.

Take a look at the US. Haitian need to respect the law and allow elected officials to finish their terms peacefully.

This constant threat of violence is not good for the already fragile nation.

This solidifies my belief even more that the next president of Haiti need to be someone from outside of Hait, just like Lamothe or Martelly.

The people inside only know violence and chaos.

Yo fout led pase bounda baka ap fe grimas tout la sainte journee.

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This our business to know if Laurent Lamothe is good...

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