It saddens me that Haiti is so focused on going back. I am not...

Cheria - December 12 2014, 2:03 PM

It saddens me that Haiti is so focused on going back. I am not saying that Martelly/Lamothe is perfect, but they are the most productive team that Haiti has ever had-EVER!! They travel throughout Haiti busting their butts to bring about change.

American still has poverty and you expect Haitians to rich all of sudden under these two great men?

We are a nation of uneducated buffoons and I am referring to the politicians! None of them could have done what Martelly/Lamothe are doing because Haiti need new blood with "pays estrange" vision.

The same ole same ole, pale franse, fe interesan will not help us progress.

Allow them to finish the term and I hope another American educated patriot takes the reign to finish the job these two men have begun.

I would have preferred that Lamothe take over to ensure a continuation of the good work, but the political climate might prove difficult.

Either way, a typical stupid Haitian from Haiti who has no real understanding of democracy would be a mistake.

Martelly/Lamothe modeled themselves against the US and that's what we need. No I am not saying the US is perfect, but it's a more perfect union than almost any other country on this earth.

So sick of the bickering and power grab. I hope the students remember that they business class want status quo in Haiti so they can remain in their chateus with no competition.

The greedy politicians never cared about any poor uneducated Haitian.

Martelly/Lamothe I am a diaspora and I share your vision.

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